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I am hoping to get some of these books published soon.

Please check out my library of books that I have written and return for a publishing date.

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Lord Daar - Deceived

Lord Daar thought he was marrying a whey-faced country spinster. He is furious when he discovers his wife is not what he thought her to be.


Lord Hunton - Seduction


Lord Hunton enters the wrong bedchamber. He never expect the prim and proper Miss Wynter to ask him to stay. 



Duke of Kendal - Ensnared

Adrianna is yanked out of the twenty-first century and pushed into a ballroom in 18th century London. To get out of marrying a perverted baron, she must compromise a duke into marrying her.


Lady Clarissa - Revenge

Lady Clarissa disguises herself as Captain Dagger and she steals her betrothed's cargo. To elude being captured, she must outwit the most dangerous man in England.
-In Progress-


Seven Oregon Bigfoots - Book One

Tawny Austin is not having a good day. Her cowardly fiance runs off leaving her surrounded by seven Bigfoots.


Seven Oregon Bigfoots - Book Two


Trey Leland is furious to be put into a cage and held captive by a tribe of South Slough Bigfoots. He is the governor of Oregon and has important issues needing his attention.
-Not Completed Yet-


Kissed By A Ghost - Book One

Daredevil stuntman Landon Devon moves into a house on the Oregon Coast. To keep the previous tenants from becoming ghosts, he must challenge the Blue Flame.
-Almost Completed-


Kissing A Ghost - Book Two

The confused Blue Flame is trying to turn Ryder into a ghost. He must find a woman willing to save him from this terrible fate.
-Not Completed Yet-