Historical & Paranormal Romance Novels

  • None of the books I have written have been published yet. Something I am about to do. I love having complete control over the imaginary people and creatures that creep into my thoughts. It's a challenge to get the stories written down before they escape out of my mind.
  • I also enjoy doing the research for a historical novel. I inherited my mother's fascination with English history and my father's interest in genealogy. Many of the names in my historical romance books were the names of my ancestors that lived in 19th century England.
  • I grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon. When I was in the fourth grade a friend of my father saw a Bigfoot lurking near a tree on Seven Devils Road. During the following months, more sightings happened. Since then some prints have been found. When writing the books about the Oregon Bigfoots they became real creatures in my mind. That might have occurred because they really are real?


Wicked Book One
Wicked Book Two
Wicked Book Three