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Viscount with a Wicked Wink

Lord Marvin Treverton, 5th Viscount Treverton, is plagued with glimpses into the future. His deceased grandfather called his ability “the second sight,” common among the Gaels of the Scottish Highlands. Treverton calls his ability a voyage into hell—skin-to-skin contact with a person brings forth a vision followed by a crippling megrim. Bedding a woman is painful. He chooses a whey-faced country spinster to marry, a woman he will not lust after.

Miss Emily Ingram is not what she appears to be. Underneath her ugly clothes, she is a beauty. She cannot fathom why the handsome viscount chose her to be his wife. She deliberately downplayed her appearance to discourage men from showing an interest in her. After the death of her father, her timid brother refused to protect her from his friends; her change in appearance kept them at a distance. Not wanting to risk losing her chance to marry the viscount, she doesn’t tell him about her disguise until after they are married.



Earl with a Wicked Smile


Bluestocking, bespectacled Miss Clarinda Wynter is stunned to find the most handsome lord in London in her bedchamber. And what is even more shocking Lord Vernon wants to kiss her.

Lord Vernon enters the wrong bedchamber and decides to steal a kiss from the very naked Miss Wynter. A little bit of revenge — Miss Wynter's older brother seduced his sister and refuses to marry her. He never expected to find himself attracted to the unattractive bluestocking. He never expected Miss Wynter to be willing to go beyond a kiss.





Duke with a Wicked Heart

Kira is shocked to open her eyes and find herself in nineteenth century England instead of the twenty-first century. Her so-called father is about to betrothed her to an elderly and perverted English lord. With a little bit of lying and a lot of luck, she is able to entice a powerful and wealthy duke into marrying her.

Now all she needs to do is find a way to return to the twenty-first century before His Grace figures out she tricked him into marrying her. Unable to father a baby, he wants to claim her non-existed child as his heir to prevent his devious cousin from inheriting his title.










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