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Historical Romance Books

A Viscount with a Wicked Wink Book CoverA Viscount with a Wicked Wink

Miss Marana Anderton is about to bamboozle a viscount. She was not what she appeared to be. Her ugly costume was for a purpose — to keep her brother’s amorous friends away from her. She never expected a handsome London viscount to want to marry someone as unattractive as she appears to be. If it means wearing her costume during the marriage ceremony, she will do it. Otherwise, the man might flee the church. Right after the ceremony is over, she will tell him about her true appearance.

Lord Treverton is plagued with premonitions of what will take place in the future. Visions that come forth whenever he touches anyone. For years, he has played the role of the aloof viscount, the last thing he wants in his life is a desirable wife tempting him into touching her. An occasional vision is tolerable but too many would drive him to madness. He is furious to find out his wife deceived him and flees to London to avoid her.


An Earl with a Wicked Smile Book Cover

An Earl with a Wicked Smile

Bluestocking, bespectacled Miss Clarinda Wynter is stunned to find the most handsome lord in London in her bed chamber. And what is even more shocking Lord Vernon wants to kiss her.

All Lord Vernon intended to do was steal a quick kiss from Miss Wynter. A little revenge against the woman's older brother for seducing his sister. He never expected to find himself attracted to the unattractive woman. And for goodness sakes, he never expected a woman betrothed to another man to be willing to go beyond a kiss.




A Duke with a Wicked Heart Book Cover

A Duke with a Wicked Heart

Kira is shocked to find herself in 19th century England instead of the twenty-first century. Her so-called father is about to betrothed her to an elderly, perverted English lord. With a little bit of lying and a lot of luck, she is able to entice a powerful and wealthy duke into marrying her.

Now all she needs to do is find a way to return to the twenty-first century before His Grace figures out she tricked him into marrying her. Unable to father a baby, he wants to claim her non existed baby as his heir to prevent his devious cousin from inheriting his title.



Romantic Suspense Book

The Oregon Bigfoots Book Cover

Protecting the The Oregon Bigfoots

|An Oregon Coast Romantic Suspense|

Tree knocking


Mysterious shadows

Seven Sasquatch surround Amelia Austin's car.

She quickly goes from non-believer to believer.

Blake believes she wants to destroy the elusive creatures.

He is wrong.----











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